103 Colmore Row, Birmingham June – December 2022 Equinox and other works

This exhibition of 14 sculptures accompanies the launch of Equinox, a new piece of public art commissioned by Sterling Property Ventures and Tristan Capital Partners for the landmark office building 103 Colmore Row, Birmingham. Curated in partnership with the John Pickering Foundation, John’s family and George L. Legendre, his long-time friend and collaborator, the exhibition celebrates the life and work of John Pickering.

Kettle’s Yard Cambridge

April 2007 Exhibition of collaboration with Foster and Partners Specialist Modelling Group The exhibition was organised by Barry Phipps, Kettle’s Yard’s first Interdisciplinary Fellow as part of the series ‘Beyond Measure’ that explored how geometry is used by artists, astronomers, engineers, surgeons, architects, physicists and mathematicians — among many others — as a means to explain, understand and order the world around us. The exhibition included one of the sculptures developed by John Pickering and the Smart Modelling Group at Foster + Partners.

EVA Exhibition, Limerick Ireland October 2010 Eight sculptures

EVA International is Ireland’s Biennial of Contemporary Art that takes place every two years across venues in the city of Limerick and beyond. EVA’s vision is ‘to lead in creating experiences and encounters of world-class contemporary art that activate Limerick as a place of creative endeavour and cultural destination. Eight of John’s sculptures were exhibited alongside the works of Irish and international artists in the 2010 biennial.

SW1 Exhibition

A compelling show of Pickering's sculptures, alongside paintings of the sculptor and his hands by Rebecca Ivatts. The deformity of his hands - ravaged by decades of chronic rheumatoid arthritis - is the focus of Ivatts' large oils, whose bold colours and enlivened forms are a poignant counterpoint to the intricacy and precision of the sculptures. The latter are movingly juxtaposed with the hands that miraculously created them. Both media are imbued with the same intensity and love of sculptural and organic form.

Royal Society of Sculptors, Kensington, London, July 2002

The Royal Society of Sculptors is the oldest and largest organisation in the UK dedicated to sculpture. The Society was created over 100 years ago to champion contemporary sculpture and the artists that create it. It was at the Royal Society of Sculptors that John Pickering’s work was first exhibited. Rebecca Ivatts, John’s god-daughter, persuaded John to allow her to take three small models to show to Derek Morris, the then President of the Society. He was so amazed by the works that he immediately said that he would like to host an exhibition of John’s work at the Society’s headquarters in South Kensington. A large number of models were exhibited alongside some of John’s early life-drawings. This was at John’s request and the juxtaposition attested that John was a figurative artist and that there is a direct link between the early works and the sculptures. The exhibition was met with great critical acclaim, with many leading figures particularly from the world of architecture expressing their appreciation of the work; architects such as Santiago Calatrava, Richard Rogers, John Silver and Chris Wise. Many of whom were to become life-long champions of John and his sculpture and were instrumental in bringing the work to the attention of a larger audience.

Architectural Association, School of Architecture, Bedford Square, London December 2002

The AA, as it is commonly known, is the oldest independent school of architecture in the UK and one of the most prestigious in the world. The AA exhibition followed on quickly from the RSS and was as a direct result of the outstanding response to the first exhibition. The AA hosted a major retrospective of Pickering’s works, again alongside the life-drawings and it was met with extraordinary enthusiasm, from students, staff and alumni alike. Such was the degree of interest in John’s work, Mohsen Mostafavi, then Chairman of the AA, suggested publishing a critical assessment of the work in a series of essays compiled into a book ‘Mathematical Form: John Pickering and the Architecture of the Inversion Principle’. This was published in 2006.

Bridges Conference, London University August 2006

The Bridges Conference is an annual conference on the mathematical connections in art, music and architecture. John’s collaboration with the Foster and Partners Specialist Modelling Group was featured in a lecture and exhibition at the conference.

Royal Academy Summer Exhibition Summer 2006 Two sculptures

Two of John’s sculptures were submitted and exhibited at the Royal Academy’s Summer Exhibition.

The New Art Gallery Walsall, West Midlands December 2007 – January 2008 Solo exhibition

Stephen Snoddy, Director of the New Art Gallery Walsall, was responsible for the largest exhibition of John’s work to date. New Art Gallery Walsall is a contemporary art gallery dedicated to exhibiting the work of both regional and international artists, in the centre of the town of Walsall, about 6 miles from John’s home in the West Midlands.